Ticket, also called Flight Ticket is the aviation sector in the transport document issued and serves on the voucher function also for control purposes, whether the ticketed flight passenger a valid claim to the named therein transport (air travel, cruise) in an aircraft in commercial air transport has. Upon receipt of the entry into the booked flight standing by plane authorizing boarding the plane ticket loses its relevance as evidence of entitlement to transportation.

Tickets will be issued by different institutions: either by a travel agency (usually on behalf of the International Air Transport Association - IATA) or directly from the airline. Not all tickets must be paid for, there is z. B. free flights for employee's own airline tickets or premium due to accumulated miles of frequent flyer programs.
On a flight ticket there is the following information:

- the title, name and surname of the passenger
- the date of issuance
- issuing organization
- the flight with departure and arrival, as indicated by the abbreviation IATA code
- the flight number, date and time of flight
- A status
- the booking class (which also determines the class of travel)
- the price of the ticket price divided into the flight and airport tax
- the number of the ticket
- validity
- endorsement information, ie whether the ticket can still be changed
- payment method (such as cash, credit card, etc.)
- the number of permitted suitcases and the weight thereof

Usually airlines offer tickets in three travel classes:

1. First class:
R Supersonic or First Class Suite (At present only offered on the Airbus A380, formerly the standard class on the Concorde)
P First Class Premium
F First Class
A First Class Discounted

2. Business Class:
J Business Class Premium
C Business Class
D Discounted Business Class
I Discounted Business Class
Z Discounted Business Class

Economy class:
W Economy / Coach Premium
S Economy / Coach
Y Economy / Coach
B Economy / Coach Discounted
H Economy / Coach Discounted
K Economy / Coach Discounted
L Economy / Coach Discounted
M Economy / Coach Discounted (Round the World fare)
N Economy / Coach Discounted
Q Economy / Coach Discounted
T Economy / Coach Discounted
V Economy / Coach Discounted
X Economy / Coach Discounted

These are the standard IATA Class relegating codes; filling the booking class can be quite different for each company, which also reserved special codes for the frequent flyer programs of the various companies. At about the books the lowest qualified passengers will first be bumped.